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How crowdfunding can help you succeed

Things to consider in mobile design

kickstarterKickstarter, GoFundMe, IndieGoGo, Crowdrise, etc. All of them are really well known platforms for crowdfunding and you should know them. Why? Because building your audience must be always done before building your product and crowdfunding will help you do that. Use crowdfunding to do exactly that, not as a platform of getting money for your product, but as a door to your new clients anxious to get your product.

Building your audience

Starting something is hard, but building the audience for it, can be even harder. That’s where crowdfunding comes in place. Most people use crowdfunding platforms as a way to get money to get the project launched, but in the digital world many projects don’t need any money or little, just time. So that’s where you can benefit from those platforms.

Create a nice presentation, craft a good description and start getting clients, that’s how it works, and that will tell you if you should or you shouldn’t continue with your project.

Giving ContentGiving the right content

Potential clients who will back your product will like to get special benefits on it, like special prices or additional content. Keep in mind that, and design a good offer that will attract funders. Once you have them and you have your product ready, you can upsell them content as special funder benefit.


Product failure

One of the benefits of crowdfunding your product is that will make you know if you failed even before starting, yes!

Make a strong effort in creating your crowdfunding campaign and if it fails (zero or almost no clients), that means that probably no one is interested in your product or you are marketing it wrong, so why continue? A good, easy and risk zero way to know if you are doing things right or wrong.