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How to promote your content in Snapchat

Promoting snapchat

If you don’t know Snapchat, is one of the fastest growing social networks specially amongst people under 25 years old. It’s a platform where users exchange pictures that are volatile, so that they stay on the device just enough time for the receiver to see them, after that the pictures disappear.


Snapchat has a very special demographics, it’s almost like a niche as it’s very specific. Mainly we find young and female users with less than 25 years and from all of them, almost 70% are female. That makes it a great place for clothing and style!

Take a look at this chart extracted from comScore to see the ages of different social networks compared.

Snapchat Age Distribution

Is your market in this range of ages? Then yes you should be on Snapchat. If you are not in those ranges, don’t spend time on it as you probably have better options.

How to promote your brand on Snapchat

Snapchat Relevant ContentPromoting your brand on Snapchat is not very easy. As all the platforms, they don’t like spam, also they don’t have any way to publish your site so that makes things hard.

What I’ve seen that works and many brands are currently doing is to use a hashtag for your content and publish relevant content painting that hashtag over your content.

As you can see in the example image, NBA is using snapchat to promote their brand by using #nbastyle hashtag.

Snapchat Discover

Starting January 2015, Snapchat released Snapchat Discover, a service for companies and brands to make awareness of their name inside the Snapchat platform. I have to say that I’ve never tried, so I have no experience with paying to have content published in discover.

Did you try already snapchat or have a success story to share?