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Daily tasks

New ways to do things

Waking up in the morning without knowing what to do is one of the worst things that can happen. It will kill your motivation and lower your daily output like crazy. Having stuff ready to be done first hour in the morning will do completely the opposite, boost your creativity and your production.

Knowing what to do is not something that comes like inspiration. You wont wake up with a TODO list on your mind, that’s why there are methods and tips that can help you to get that list done.

Daily tasks tips

Find here a list of tips that can help you get this daily TODO list

  • Once your day is over, write the list of your 4 things that are must do for the next day or are left undone from this actual day.
  • You can also plan your week on Sunday evening or Monday morning and keep adjusting your tasks every day.
  • Have always a list of TODOs acting like a Backlog, and add the ones you should do the next day, the day before in the evening.

Those are some tips that can help you start your day motivated and with energy, just try it out for a couple of weeks and you’ll see the benefit.