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Using Dropbox Paper to plan my courses

Dropbox Paper alternatives
Some months ago I got my invitation to Dropbox Paper, a new tool from Dropbox which at date of writing is in closed beta period. At first I was a bit skeptical as coming from Google Docs, and having tried other alternatives I wasn’t quite sure what benefit could Dropbox Paper offer me over the other options but I wanted to try.

Dropbox Paper benefits

Dropbox Paper gives you some very nice and useful features, let’s see them:

  • Clean and friendly interface
  • Super easy collaboration with multiple users
  • Super speed
  • Easy image insertion
  • Instant save
  • Document history
  • Markdown formatting
  • Select and format edition
  • Folder organization
  • And much more

After a while of using Dropbox Paper I left behind other tools like my former Google Docs migrating some of my fresh content over there.

Workflow for Course Creation

Dropbox Paper DemoOnce I made the switch to Paper, I started using a new workflow for creating courses. Before I always ended with multiple documents for different things, like “content”, “pre-promotion”, “possible clients”, “intro script” etc…. but now with Paper I started doing it different due to how fast it is in doing almost everything.

One document to rule them all, that’s what I do now. I create a document per course and eventually another one if the topic to cover in the document is very big, that allows me to have a lot of flexibility modifying the course content and having a global picture of everything.

Dropbox Paper Invites

As I said at the beginning, Paper is under closed Beta, but I have some invites, if you would like one, send me a request using my contact page and give me a good reason why you’d like one.

First come first served.