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Should I use .com or .local?

.com vs .local

This question has been repeated hover and hover again. Should I use .com for my domain or should I better go with .es .de etc…?

Well in the first place .com is usually known and recognized everywhere, if in your country people doesn’t know what a .com is about (I hardly doubt that), then you should discard .com but otherwise, .com is always preferable than your local domain. Let me explain you why.

Why .com is better

There are some benefits of using a .com domain instead of a local domain

  • People see .com as global and big instead of being something local and small
  • .com isu usually positioned better in search engines
  • .com is short and easier to type than for example or
  • If you expand your business in the future, and you got the local domain, you’ll need the .com and then perhaps is not available so make sure to take it while it’s available
  • .com domains are usually cheaper than local domains and normally easy to get. Some local domains can ask you for documentation about your registered business. With a .com domain, you don’t need anything at all.

There are more benefits of using a .com instead of a local domain but those are usually the most important ones.

Do you see any really potential benefit of using a local domain? Leave a comment below!